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Are Platinum Spark Plugs Better For Your Car?

Update:17 Nov 2022

Are Platinum Spark Plugs Better For Your Car? The differences between these two types of spark plugs are not great, but they are worth considering. The main differences between iridium and platinum spark plugs are durability, performance, and lifespan. Iridium spark plugs are known to last longer than platinum spark plugs, while platinum spark plugs may only last for ten thousand miles. If you like to change your car's spark plugs often, you might want to choose platinum spark plugs.

Platinum spark plugs offer superior resistance to erosion and corrosion - two qualities that are vital in modern engines. This is partly due to platinum's high melting point of 3600 degrees Fahrenheit, and partly due to its hard composition compared to copper. Because platinum is more resistant to erosion, it extends the life of a spark plug and minimizes the amount of voltage required to form a spark. This means less wear and tear for your car.

Another key difference between platinum and iridium plugs is that they use more platinum. While platinum spark plugs tend to have a higher resistance to heat and corrosion, they are better for preventing engine knock and preventing engine stalling. Iridium plugs are also known to be better for a variety of applications, including gasoline engines. A good way to test the performance of both is to drive with them for a while.

Although the prices of platinum and iridium spark plugs are comparable to standard spark plugs, the cost of using iridium plugs may be worth it for a car that requires a high performance engine. However, these spark plugs may not be as reliable as iridium plugs. They can lead to ignition system problems if they do not match the original. And since they are more expensive, you'll have to replace them more often than standard spark plugs, so you should be sure to read the manual before purchasing.

Iridium and platinum spark plugs are both good for your car, but the difference between the two materials is significant. Platinum spark plugs can increase the lifespan of the engine by up to 50% and provide concentrated sparks. They are also known for their high melting point, which makes them more durable and efficient. The price difference between iridium and platinum spark plugs is substantial - in fact, you could easily pay more for a platinum spark plug.

Platinum spark plugs are more expensive than copper spark plugs, but the durability of these products is much higher. Because platinum has a higher melting point than nickel, it can last for up to a hundred thousand miles. They also produce more heat, which is helpful for preventing fouling and deposit buildup. Additionally, they are more likely to last longer than a copper spark plug - the copper ones are likely to wear out after two to three years!

Iridium and platinum spark plugs have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Iridium is harder than platinum and has a higher melting point. Platinum spark plugs tend to wear out faster than iridium spark plugs, but iridium is cheaper and gives you decent performance. Iridium plugs are better for cars that have electronic distributor ignition systems. Platinum spark plugs are better for cars with waste spark distributors.