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Longer lasting than platinum spark plugs, Iridium “S” plugs resist attack and provide better scavenging than standard platinum plug designs. Iridium “S” offers exceptional performance, even under demanding conditions. Every spark plug manufactured has built-in design advantages that assure longer life and greater reliability.
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Our company is a professional China aircraft spark plug manufacturers and aviation spark plug factory, Our company has a variety of product lines, engineering and technical capabilities, and manufacturing capabilities are in constant progress.
Regarding engineering skills,30 years of development and reverse engineering experience. The electrode has PASS TUV, CONFORM TO RoHs & Reach. High-strength insulators use a 360°Continuous Laser technology.
In manufacturing, it also has a ceramic factory, ceramic Insulators are completely self-produced, with a high density of insulators, better dielectric strength, thickened design of insulator nose, and better mechanical strength which can satisfy modern engines well. Secondly, electrodes have electrical conductivity, heat resistance, heat dissipation, and ablation resistance. Shells have better malleability, better toughness, and higher hardness which can reduce shell breaking and help the shell for better heat dissipation.
Regarding experimental capacity, the laboratory fully complies with and strictly implements 17 international and national spark plug industry test standards; enterprise internal control standards of more than 34 original supporting level tests; and process inspection coverage of the whole process of control points.
Quality management has obtained the quality management system certification.
Company for some spark plugs and design patent certificate, utility model patent certificate.
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Aircraft Model Spark Plugs Industry knowledge
The aircraft engine is the heart of the aircraft, and the stability of the ignition system is crucial to the safety of the flight. When an aircraft engine is running, vibration and high-frequency vibration are inevitable phenomena, which puts higher requirements on the design of spark plugs. So, are the spark plugs used on aircraft specially designed to withstand aircraft engine vibrations and high-frequency vibrations?
Vibration and vibration challenges to Aircraft Spark Plugs mainly come from factors such as internal piston movement, cylinder detonation, and high-speed rotation of the turbine engine. These vibrations are not only generated in the vertical direction, but also have horizontal and radial components, forming a complex vibration spectrum. High-frequency shock and vibration can adversely affect spark plug performance and life, so special designs are required to address these challenges.
Specially designed spark plugs are made of lightweight yet high-strength materials such as nickel alloys, platinum, molybdenum, etc. These materials not only provide sufficient strength, but also have good fatigue and vibration resistance properties. The precision requirements of the manufacturing process also ensure the structural stability of the spark plug.
Anti-shock design is an important part of specially designed spark plugs, including built-in shock-absorbing gaskets or the use of flexible connecting parts. This helps slow down the speed and amplitude of vibration being transmitted to the spark plug, thereby reducing the impact of vibration on the spark plug.
Anti-corrosion coatings are another key feature, especially given the moisture and rainfall in the environment in which aircraft operate. These special designs ensure good spark plug performance even in wet environments.
Dynamic balancing technology is widely used in the design of aircraft spark plugs. Through balance adjustments during the manufacturing process, it is ensured that the spark plugs maintain relative balance and reduce vibration during operation.
During the design phase, manufacturers often conduct vibration testing and simulations to simulate the vibration environment under actual operating conditions. Through these tests, the impact of vibration on spark plugs can be better understood and design optimization can be carried out accordingly.
Since aircraft spark plug replacement is not as convenient as on ground vehicles, long life and high durability are important design considerations. Manufacturers typically perform extensive life testing to ensure spark plugs remain stable over extended periods of operation.
Specially designed spark plugs are not only related to the stability of engine performance, but also directly related to flight safety. During flight, a sudden spark plug failure may have a serious impact on the aircraft's engine performance, so the special design can effectively reduce the probability of failure and improve the reliability and safety of the aircraft.
Spark plugs used on aircraft are specially designed to withstand aircraft engine vibrations and high-frequency vibrations. This design involves many aspects, including material selection, shock-proof design, anti-corrosion coating, dynamic balancing technology, etc. These designs not only ensure the reliability of the spark plugs in complex flight environments, but also provide critical support for the efficient performance of aircraft engines. Therefore, specially designed spark plugs play an irreplaceable role in the aviation industry, ensuring the smooth operation of aircraft engines and aviation safety.