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Choosing the Right Spark Plug For Your Motorbike

Update:22 Nov 2022

When replacing a spark plug on a motorbike, it is imperative to use the proper size. Spark plug sizes are model specific, so it is crucial to consult your manual to determine which size plug you need. Fortunately, there are several brands that make high-quality, reliable aftermarket spark plugs, including NGK (the Japanese company that has been making spark plugs since 1936). NGK is also one of the largest aftermarket suppliers in the world, with an American subsidiary in Sissonville, WV.

Spark plugs used to need constant replacement, but modern spark plugs can last more than 80,000 miles. They are made from exotic metals and are compatible with modern fuels and electronic fuel injection. The improved heat dissipation and improved durability of modern spark plugs mean that you can save money and get the best spark plugs for your motorcycle.

Industry spark plugs hex size 22.2mm GXH1-30

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